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302 South Street

World famous in small circles





The Vibe


Here at 302, we are world famous for serving up good food, heady beer, and funky music. Our atmosphere has been, and always will be laid back. We welcome all creatures that find satisfaction in good food, good drinks, and good music. We also enjoy taking our gig on the road, so if you’re feeling frisky, we can bring the 302 vibe right to your doorstep via our super sweet food truck or a customized catering arrangement. #ELE


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Pub Fare


The Food

302 proudly offers a menu comprised of classic American pub fare. We cook every item to order using fresh, high quality ingredients.





The Beer

We proudly serve an ever changing selection of local craft brews. As well as not-so-local heady brews. Canned – Bottled – On Tap – Beer Helmet?

No one is judging here.